Tuesday 21 September 2010

A Walk In The Park

Hi All,

The weekend is over and the travelling to and from work starts again.....Lisa is left to look after the alpacas with a bit of help from one of the villagers who likes to pass the time and relax, with a bit of poo picking of the paddocks, you must be crazy Barry but your help is much appreciated and if it helps you relax whilst being round the alpacas then you are more than welcome, oh and whilst I'm on the subject of being appreciated, that goes for you as well Isabelle the support and encouragement you have given us is fantastic.

With Sunday being the last day before returning back to work, we decided to make the most of whats left of the nice weather and go for a walk with the dogs around a local park. So with a farm sitter in place we headed off as a family for a couple of hours armed with the camera for those unexpected moments......for example the picture below, we knew the deer were at the park but didn't expect to get this close.

It was nice to see Lily enjoying the change of scenery and playing on the rocks......she has got no fear at all.....I think she might be a rock climber when she grows up!

Otto couldn't wait to have the attention brought back to her and in no time at all was waiting for her picture to be taken whilst sitting on a rock.

The alpacas have had there toes trimmed tonight when I got back from work as that is something myself and Lisa have to do together. It amazes me how quick some of alpacas nails grow so quick in a short time.....never mind, its one of those jobs that comes with breeding alpacas and its also a perfect time to see how the fleeces are progressing and to body score them.

Well that's all for tonight, back soon.

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  1. Fantastic photo shoot...every one is lovely
    .......brilliant !.......Jayne