Saturday 17 November 2012

A Little Bundle

Hi All,

Just a short blog tonight as I am absolutely shattered, I think I'm actually slightly under the weather but that's enough about that me. This week has been very hit a miss with the weather, one minute it's beautiful sunshine which from inside leads you into thinking its summer again (until you open the front door) then the next minute we are under a blanket of fog and you can't see anything. The rain has turn our paddocks that were already saturated into horrible sponges, but that's the British weather for you I guess.

Wednesday saw a new arrival here at WillowBank, no not an alpaca or donkey as some have suggested but a little puppy. Our Jack Russell gave birth to a single puppy and is now so smitten by it she will not leave it alone for one second, a perfect mother which is good.

Relentless our stud boy seems to have had a personality bypass this week, he is now stamping his authority over our other males, when we bring in the males into their individual bays Relentless screams his head off, charging up and down the fence line trying his hardest to get stuck in and show them how is boss.

Well that's all for now, back soon.


  1. What a cutie, love that puppy. And Lily of course ;o))

    Rob n Les

  2. Congratulations on your tiny lovely new arrival ....what a cutie !! Sounds like those 'winter blues' have started already! ... Jayne

  3. Sooo cute, boy or girl and have you named it yet?