Wednesday 28 November 2012

A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That

Hi All,

Well the time just runs away with me these days, so here is another quick blog to keep you going.

The weather we have all been experiencing has been absolutely atrocious, although we have been more fortunate than others in the country. Our village officially became an island! We have four possible routes into our village with only a couple passable with care in a 4x4. We took a quick drive round to take some pictures as this was history being made for our village and our daughter to tell her kids in years to come, although with the alleged global warming this could be the sign of things to come!

Lily has been busy starting to halter train our new up and coming herd sire, Wellground Moody Blue he has such a gentle personality and didn't mind the halter at all, which was rather a surprise as he is the youngest that we have started to train. Lily with a little help from me and reassurance was over the moon to be leading Moody Blue along, Lily just kept saying this is my alpaca isn't it, are we keeping this one! Lily being only five hasn't really got to grips yet with how our business works and that selling alpacas is something that we do, although she is right on this occasion we will not be selling him.

Lily and Wellground Moody Blue

We have just had a lovely phone call from some good friends of ours who have asked to come up and see us on Saturday, unfortunately I can't mention who at the moment as I forgot to ask their permission to be named on the blog, but more on this after Saturday......Jayne another armchair detective moment for you!!

Pebbles the Jack Russell and her new puppy that we have now decided to call Willow are doing really well, Willow is two weeks old today and as she is loved by all that have seen her, we will need to keep a close eye out on Saturday when are friends leave to make sure that she has not been smuggled away!

We are going to be releasing some more alpacas for sale shortly with some sort after genetics so watch this space for more details and pictures.

That's all for now, back soon.

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  1. What do you mean armchair detective .... I'm in the yatch !! with this amount of rain ! Watch out for those visitors ... they have a soft spot for little russells !! and I'd be careful she doesn't end up in a pocket !! Lovely photos of Moody Blue and Lily. Keep dry, if you can ... don't want that caravan floating down the road ! .... Jayne