Saturday 27 October 2012

Express Delivery Service!

Hi folks,

Well I have just walked in from work and decided it was time to update the blog again.

We are pleased to say that Nick and Sharon of Pine Tree Alpacas are getting on very well with their new herd, well done guys.

Last weekend we were busy concreting again this time creating purpose built stud pens and birthing pens, all of which are indoors with heat lamp facilities for those moments when you just never know when your going to need them. After the concrete had gone off it was time to lay all the blocks that were to form the partitioning. Well I'm glad that job is finally finished as with the weather turning colder it's nice to see the stud boys finally in their proper pens rather than hurdles making up the pens.

Tomorrow we are expecting a very special delivery or two, its on express delivery service, well as express as a van goes! But we are really excited to be receiving this package as its an important element to our business to help carry us forwards. More on this tomorrow!

Well for now that's it until tomorrow with news of the express packages!


  1. Express, I am not a chuffing steam train !!!! ;o))

  2. Im sure your special delivery will be chuging up the motorway soon ! Excellent news regarding the new alpaca facilities, just in time by the sounds of things. Five Star accommodation for those Elite Alpacas..... nothing else would do. Hope there's plenty of room for 'Puffin Billy' when he arives with that priceless load ! ;0) ....Jayne

  3. 'Puffin Billy' !!!!

    How very dare you ;o))