Friday 28 September 2012

A New Alpaca Herd Is Established

Hi All,

Well it's been an early start for us this morning as we loaded up the trailer and headed off to deliver a foundation herd to their new owners Nick and Sharon from Pine Tree Alpacas in Leicestershire. Nick and Sharon have been planning this day for sometime now with us and we are pleased to announce that their dreams are finally starting to come true for them.

Pine Tree Alpacas have selected a range of alpacas from our herd enabling them to offer a variety of packages, some show winners too!

Sharon and Nick, with a congratulating hug from Lisa

We would like to wish Nick and Sharon all the very best and every success in the future, hopefully see you at some fleece shows guys.

Well it was back home to relieve the farm sitter from her duties and a nice cup of tea was welcoming us on our arrival. It feels a little odd seeing the paddocks 19 alpacas lighter.

The recent weather situation has certainly not had the effects on us this time round after we invested the time and money into concreting the barns and organising the drainage, earlier this year with the severe weather we were constantly getting flooded out which after more than a few times of this happening, it starts to get a little annoying as you can imagine. The investment has certainly been worthwhile as not a drop has entered our barns this time, so smiling faces around.

Well that's all for now, take care all.


  1. Congratulations ... all round ! Do you have any alpacas left !! ....Its just great to receive your very first alpacas, its a life changing event ...thats for sure ! Sounds like you have managed to get the winter prep done just in time ! ....Jayne

  2. Thanks Jayne, yes it is very exciting recieve your animals after such a long time, it certainly brought back our memories of this day when we first started out.

  3. Well done all concerned. A big Hi to Nick and Sharon, your place and your alpacas look great. N-n-n-n-nineteen, nineteen. Can't stop singing that song now ;o))

    Rob n Les

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