Sunday 8 May 2011

The Sun Is Out Again

Hi All,

Well the sun has been out again here all day which is perfect for getting the grass growing again after the rain.

We have had Naomi our work experience girl here with us again today, so we made good of her time here and set about completely mucking out and stripping down our top barn. Naomi must have arms like an orangutan this evening as she trundled backwards and forwards for must of the day with the wheelbarrow, to the muck heap. Now for a young girl Naomi is certainly not scared of a bit of hard work and doesn't shy away from getting stuck in.

Once we had cleared the barn it was no rest for the wicked as it was time to Lambivac our sheep and lambs, we are going to be selling our small flock of Ryelands as we just don't have the time to give them as all of our time is taken up with the alpacas.

As it had been sunny all day we decided to see if Tchaikovsky's fleece had dried and take some pictures. We are both really pleased with him and I think Lisa has already fallen in love with him......

Lisa and Wellground Tchaikovcky

Relentless couldn't help himself and just had to get into the picture, Tchaikovsky stood like a true gentleman for Lisa and even let her have a cuddle.

I tried again to take a fleece shot but as most of you are aware this is near on impossible to achieve, I had taken several pictures of his fleece and settle on this picture, it gives you a little idea of his fleece but it does his fleece no justice what so ever.

Now as Relentless had stood so nicely whilst all the attention was being given to Tchaikovsky, it was only far that we took his picture. So here is Lisa with Relentless standing proud for his cuddle.

Well that's about it for today's jobs, I'm off to have a bit of a chill out as it's back to work tomorrow and I'm already thinking of that alarm clock going off at 04.30.

Take care all.


  1. Great photos guys, I think love is in the air. Lisa, put him down ;o))


  2. Hey Knob, Glad to see you're up and posting again, was a little worried for awhile as you had not posted for a few weeks. Hope the family is all doing good. love you knob

  3. Lovely photos....the Boys are looking Fantastic !.....nice to see that Lisa has a choice...of three handsome machos !!......Jayne

  4. In my mind I count myself in the three handsome machos but I'm sure you mean, Tchaikovsky, Relentless and Bertie the Ram!!