Friday 27 May 2011

First Signs Of Shearing

Hi Folks,

Well today has been a manic day. I rushed back from work a little bit earlier today as we had our friend Sam coming to shear our sheep. Lisa had already been up to our other land and fetched the sheep back in the trailer and had got them ready in the barn for Sam's' arrival.

We only have six ewes and Bertie the ram that needed shearing so for a professional like Sam this was going to be a quick pit stop.

Sam has managed to fit us in to his busy schedule, He has approximately 20,000 sheep to shear and had already shorn 300 before calling into us. Well with Sam shearing like a trooper it was all over in a blink of an eye. Thanks Sam you are a star.

The barn was soon cleaned up and disinfected after the sheep had been in again and so to was the trailer after we had taken them back to the other land, I can't even recognise them as our sheep now, mind you I have the same problem with the alpacas when they are shorn, talking of which our alpacas are being shorn next Thursday so it will be good bye to those big beautiful fluffy coats.

I think the boys were unsure who these strange looking creatures are, by the faces that were being pulled you would have never of guessed that they were together only a couple of hours ago.

This picture is for Debbie at Barn Acre Alpacas, as you can see Debbie Kazuo still has his dirty beard and has now taken up wading in the water trough and then getting himself grubby from the dust piles....he is a first class tramp!!

Alice is now three weeks over her predicted birthing date and still she shows no signs of anything happening in the near future, well I guess that's alpacas for you, they like to keep you guessing.

The barn alterations are starting to take shape and we can start to see how it's all going to work for us, this is one of those jobs that we have been meaning to do for a long time and never got round to it, but no we wish that we had done it sooner and benefited from it sooner. Lisa is still keeping the whip cracked over my back to get the barn finished before shearing, but with seven day weeks at work and Sunday being my only day off this week, it's going to be close. Not even a bank holiday Monday next week as I have got to go into work, so again it's return home and work on the barn until it gets dark, which gives me about two hours an evening. Never mind the new carousel system we are creating will all be worth it in the end.

Well I must dash as the cat of nine tails has struck my back again and I hear the barn calling.

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  1. Thanks for the photo Carl, at least I know its not just me that failed to keep him clean - makes me feel much better!

    Alice likes a well cooked baby, if she went the same as last year she should have birthed today. Saying that I think she only gave birth then because of shearing, so next Thursday it is then........