Monday 3 May 2010

Trying To Keep Up

Hi Folks,

Just another quick one tonight, as I have left Lisa at home while I borrow a computer until my phone line is connected.

So Friday was the most amazing day of our life so far, its starting to sink in now that our business is up and running, we have been swamped with people asking questions about the alpacas and wanting a closer look, which are not at all bothered by as we want the villagers to be involved and understand what we are all about and what the business entails. We have had fantastic comments from everyone who has been to see us and they cant wait to see our cria's born, are first of which is July......well sometime round there as you just never now with alpacas.

Another talking point for our visitors is a surprise birth that we have had at WillowBank not a cria but a foal from our pony, now you might say how can that be a surprise.......well we brought the pony as a yearling in August last year out of pity as she was all skin and bones and felt that we could not leave her any longer where she was, so we got her back and put her out to graze on our lush grass and over the months she became rather fat!! we reduced her grazing and on Saturday morning gave us the biggest surprise.......
Daisy & Her New Foal

Just A Couple Of Hours Old

So as you can see we have had our hands full already, we are just glad that were living here at the time our else it may have been a different story that we are telling......but as it is both mother and daughter are doing just fine.

The Alpacas are really finding there feet today and have explored the paddock allot more finding the field shelter that we built, I thought I might have to bring it to them at one stage.

Well again that's it for now but more adventures from Willowbank Alpacas to come soon.


  1. What a pleasant surprise, especially now that you are all 'up and running'. Daisy jnr. looks a beauty - I'm sure you will have a young jockey ready willing and able when she is broken!!

  2. Congratulations...on your lovely new arrival...what a wonderful surprise !!...lets hope that...this is just the start of your nice surprises......Jayne