Saturday 8 May 2010

One Week On

Hi All,
Its been a busy first week for us at WillowBank Alpacas, we have been hanging gates and finishing off fencing around the paddocks. All the alpacas have really settled in now and are starting to gain our trust allowing us to get a little closer to them.

We have also settled in nicely in our new home with all the mod cons of central heating and double glazing helps enormously, Lily is so much more settled living on the farm, she really is an outside girl and loves helping Lisa with the alpacas taking the hay down to them and shouting "come on girls"

Our new foal that we had born is growing fast and runs around the paddock like she is in training for the grand national, which is rather amusing when the grass is a little wet and her cornering skills are not the best!

Well unfortunately blogger is not letting me upload any pictures for some reason, so you will have to wait for more pictures, so I will keep it short for today and try again soon.

Take care all.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds all good fun to me....mind you....we want pictures...hope you get it fixed soon ! You can't beat your home comforts..!! can you !!....Jayne