Tuesday 12 April 2011

Wellground Tchaikovsky

Hi folks,

Well what a difference 24hrs can make, well maybe more than 24hrs as myself and Lisa had been discussing for awhile now that we wanted to try and get ourselves another top herd sire here at WillowBank.

We currently have Wellground Relentless as our herd sire, who we are just starting to introduce to his girls, as he is now becoming of age. Relentless will be staying here at WillowBank as we have no intention of selling him in the near future but to enable us to have different quality genetics within our breeding program, it was decided that another herd sire would be the obvious answer.

So it was time to talk to our good old friends Rob & Les at Wellground, as we and I'm sure you are all aware have some excellent quality males for sale. Now we knew we had got to move fast as the fantastic prices they are offering wouldn't take long before they all became sold, luckily for us the one we had got our eye on, was still available and after some talking about his bloodlines and fleece quality, it was an easy decision to make.

We are now going to be proud owners of Wellground Tchaikovsky who as a solid medium fawn with Silverstream Czar, Peruvian Hemingway, Jolimont Commisario and Jolimont Conquistador within his pedigree we believe we should be looking out for some amazing cria's coming through in 2013. I have just noticed as I write this that Wellground Tchaikovsky is actually born on my birth day last year, so it must be fate that he comes to us.

Onto other slightly less exciting things, we have only got two more sheep to lamb, then that's lambing over for this year. It will be then time to clean out the barn and disinfected after the sheep have been. We are due to start birthing alpacas again in May but knowing alpacas as we now getting to realise, it could be anytime!!

We had post today saying that Lily has been allocated a place at our village primary school and that her time to start is the 1st September, that's only just over 4 months away.

Both myself and Lisa can't believe our little girl is growing up so fast and now the letter talks about buying school uniform, she our precious little girl going to school.....I could almost shed a tear......Well that's enough of the emotional stuff where is Top Gear on the TV for some man stuff........only joking at least she will soon be old enough so we can start changing her rent.....only joking she is moving out at 16......seriously only joking we love her to bits and will cherish every moment of her life growing up into a young lady.

Well that's all for tonight, I need a tissue for my eyes as I can't see the keys on the keyboard anymore.


  1. Congratulations...on your recent purchase...of my favourite !!!!!! Tchaikovsky !! I had my eye on him !.....Im slightly green with envy in a nice sort of way !.....Im sure he will be a real asset to you at Willowbank !.....(if only I didn't have an empty piggy bank !!) ;( he might have been making his way up to Scotland !!!!.......Jayne

  2. Tchaikovsky will always be here for a cuddle if you are ever down this way, you would be more than welcome to have a souvenir photo taken with him :)

    We could always post you a bit of fleece and a picture

  3. Congratulations, want a super looking boy, I'm sure you will be looking at some super cria in 2013.

    Ah I remember it well, children grow up so fast, doesnt seem five minutes since mine were off to school!! But now my daughter has given us two grandchildren and my son is getting married on Friday!!

    Where does the time go, enjoy every minutes as time flys by.


  4. Hey Knob, There comes a time in everyone life where you have to let go, even let a little tear escape. Glad to see my little brother is doing well. love you knob

  5. Hey good to read that my big bro is reading my blogs over in the states.

    Love you Bro