Thursday 14 October 2010

Lazy Days

Hi Folks

Just a short one tonight, but I couldn't resist this picture of some of our herd enjoying another sunny day in October lazing around.

Barry came down a couple of days ago helping with the ever growing poo picking duties, Lily has really taken a shine to him and it looks like i have lost my cap from work, which seems to have found a new owner. I'm not sure what the conversation was here but it certainly looks like they are both putting the worlds to right.

The new four Australians have settled in very well, it's like they have always been here. Still no muddy puddles for Kazuo yet Debbie!

Well that's all for tonight as I am desperately trying to get the website up to date, as this just seems to be taking forever to get it how I want it.

Take care all.


  1. Can you send Lily & Barry this way with their wheelbarrows please!!

  2. What a fantastic couple of photos...looks like you got a great team of helpers there....Jayne