Sunday 19 July 2009

Hopes Are Dashed!

Well the viewing of our house that we were expecting never happened, allegedly he was stuck at the vets, but the estate agents could not get hold of him again to re-arrange, I smell something fishy!

We are still in good spirit as we are changing estate agent anyway and adjusting the price so hopefully this will have a fresher appeal to purchasers.

I'm also in need of updating my Internet connection as I am behind the times and still use Dial-up, and after waiting nearly half an hour to download some pictures and receiving a hefty phone bill its time to move forwards to broadband, we have not gone onto broadband as we are waiting until we sold the house and know where we are going, can you take broadband with you like your land line number? sorry if this sounds thick to some, but I have not look into it at all yet. Anyone with good suggestions please comment, all help here will be much appreciated.

We have been invited to visit Jeff & Sheila at Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud again for some more husbandry experience, so with this visit coming up it has given us another boost of excitement and determination to keep pushing for our dream to come alive.


  1. Hi Karl & Lisa,If you sign up for Broadband, you should be able to move this along with the telephone number. If you move to another area having a different std code, you may not be able to do this. If I were you, I would simply have a conversation with a Broadband supplier and see what they suggest.Another way to do this is to purchase a mobile Broadband package. I did this for a few months and so long as you are not surfing for hours, the package works out quite cheap.
    All the Best, Jeff & Sheila

  2. Hi Jeff & Sheila, Thank yo for your advice, we wanted to speak you when we came down again,I starting to get prices from various places but it gets very confusing!! or maybe thats just me!!