Saturday, 20 February 2010

New Gaffer In Town

Hi folks,
Well it's been a steady week this week with not a great deal happening on the farm although we have been doing some more fencing today and feel quite satisfied with the progress that we have made. I took a moment for a quick breather but only to be questioned by the "gaffer"

I gave her all the excuses in the book........but

I don't think Lily believed me and gave me one of her looks

After my telling off Lily went off happy to play with the dogs and is quite content trying to boss them around, If only we could hear the thoughts that go through the dogs minds.

Picture to the left is Lily with Molly The Collie who is getting on a bit now.

The picture below is Lily with Fat Jack our Norwegian Elk Hound, if he actually got off his backside more, he wouldn't be so fat! with all the space we have he insists on just sitting there and watching the world go by!

Well that all for now, more fencing tomorrow so Lily is in the bath getting ready for bed, then we are spoiling ourselves with a Chinese tonight. We will keep you "posted" pardon the pun!


  1. Looks like your Gaffer is a task master !...!! with that look....I'd be working like a 'mad dog'...too...strange how...its just the humans that work hard !...whilst the animals look on....makes you wonder if, there's something wrong some-where...along the line !!!..ever crossed your mind...I am often watched an audience of animals !!....lovely pictures.....Jayne

  2. That post bumper is not for resting against you know. Come on more industry required ;o))

  3. I think what I need is someone to come and show me how to use the post bumper. any offers?

  4. Trust me! It's not rocket science..... ;o))