Saturday, 13 February 2010

Feeling The Pain!

We have finally started the fencing for our paddocks today, we have been wanting to start this job for so long now, but with one thing and another we never seemed to get started on it. We have finally managed to agree with each other exactly how are paddocks are going to look and the hard work began.

Thankfully with the ground being soft using the post bumper proved not to be as bad as I thought it might have been, although my fitness levels have changed for the worse since I last did any fencing and oh boy, did I know it! I was determined not to let my state of health stand in the way, so I battled on regardless of the pain and managed to get a decent amount done before rain stopped play, to be honest I was watching the dark clouds and was kind of using them as a countdown clock of when I could stop. Lisa also worked like a trooper fetching posts, rails at the same time as looking after our daughter Lily who loves being on the farm but gets bored and cold quickly.

We are hopefully going to get some more fencing done tomorrow depending on the weather condition or how stiff I am in the morning more likely but as the saying goes "no pain no gain" or something like that.

Anyway that's all for tonight, back again soon.


  1. Im sure you will feel like,you've been hit by a steam train...tomorrow...and you'll probably need a fork life to get you out of bed...the moral of the story is...don't over do it..little and often, enjoyed is so much better than.....over-doing it and it being a chore !...after all...this is a dream you share...does'nt have to be a nightmare !!...Jayne

  2. Thanks Jayne, good words of advice. We have done a little more this morning, so as you say...little and often is the way forward.