Sunday, 21 February 2010

24 Hrs Later!

What a difference a day makes, we woke this morning to a surprise that we were not expecting, as you can see from the picture things looked a little different on the farm.

As you can see it's snowed
Although it had snowed we still decided to fix some of the stock fencing to the fencing that we have been doing, Lily was not so keen today, I think it was a bit to cold for her, I know my feet had started to get chilly so I guess Lily's feet must have been freezing.

We had some visitors in the adjoining field, which was lovely to see the hares running around playing with each other keeping warm, we managed to get a picture although they were some distance away, so apologies for the picture quality.

Well it's just a short blog for tonight, so more again soon.


  1. can see the wildlife much more easily....when it snows....I have also noticed the Deer in the wood.....from a distance mind you..but still lovely to see......Jayne

  2. Although the snow can be a pain, its good to see all the different foot prints in the snow, mind you its nearly always rabbits or hares.

  3. Looks as though you are progressing well with the fencing. Mind you the fourth post in is a little bit out!! :0))

  4. Its not the fourth post thats out, its the rest of them! :o)