Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bye To Wellground Close Encounter

Hi Folks,

Well not allot has been happening since my last blog. We are still waiting for our next cria's to be born and after an earlier influx's of cria's things have slowed down. Cyan one of our Australians is no coming up to 3 weeks ever her due date, which is frustrating as we are very keen to see what she gives us, I'm sure she will have her cria when she is ready, we will just have to be patient.......

We are really desperate for rain and as we can't remember the last time we actually had a decent amount, the weather men/woman forecast heavy rain over the last couple of days but we had a quick shower and that was that.

Our fleeces have gone down south ready for the GWR Show and we are keeping our fingers crossed for this years show to see how we get on.

I returned Wellground Close Encounter to Rob and Les at Wellground Alpacas the other Sunday which was a pleasure. Wellground Close Encounter had been with us for a mating and he worked his magic like a true professional. Wellground Close Encounter sure is an outstanding stud and certainly puts his stamp on his offspring. Rob and Les looked after me with their kind hospitality as always, even if Les took the mickey out of me for having a thick moment with loading the truck full of things, rather than the ease of putting it in the now empty trailer......I blame that on being dumb struck by the quality of their up and coming cria's, Thanks Rob and Les.

I will get out this weekend and get some pictures of the alpacas, they are looking really well and the cria's are growing fast, oh we also have two new mouse catchers to introduce to you, so I will be back soon.


  1. Looking forward to the photos !...I don't think I would have given Close Encounter back !!....Jayne

  2. Do you know what Jayne, we didn't want to!!

  3. Sad you had to take him back, but you will have lots to look forward to next year :-)