Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Waiting Is Over.....

Hi All,

Well today has been the best day in our lives for a long time.....from making the decision to take up alpaca farming back in 2005 doing all our research and visiting different alpaca breeders gaining valuable husbandry skills to eventually purchasing our own alpacas.

Today we got the news we have been waiting for......we won our appeal and have been granted temporary planning permission for our agricultural dwelling to enable us to run our alpaca farm sufficiently.

It has been a very stressful time in our lives getting to this point but it has all been worth while, we can now concentrate on running our alpaca farm without having to worry about what was going to be around the corner.

We have been waiting for our dream to finally start to take shape properly and today we have taken that first step in doing just that.

Thank you to Jeff & Sheila from "Easterwood Alpacas" who started us off with our real first hands on experience of alpacas through to Roger & Pauline at "Pipley Court Alpacas" and not forgetting and how could we forget Rob & Les from "Wellground Alpacas" Rob and Les have listened to us at our lowest points throughout this journey and have always encouraged and supported us as best as they could, thank you guys you have been our rocks.

So for those of you that are out there just starting out on your journey's, keep fighting don't let anyone bring you down, keep your dreams in the front of your minds and push push push to make them come true, we have and we are now starting out with our passion, for alpaca farming.

It can be done and we wish everyone success when starting out. For those of you that read our blog and have supported us with comments, thanks to you guys too, we hope to try and meet as many of you as we can throughout our journey and wish you also great success.

That's all for now, the champagne cork has just popped.


  1. Absolutely Brilliant, well done you! I nearly stopped on my way home to ask as Lisa had said today was the first possible day for an answer and chickened out!!

  2. Congratulations. It is such a relief when that part is over, now you can really start to move forward.

  3. Fantastic can now get on with all those plans and dreams...can start to become are no longer waiting for your dream to happen....its becoming a reality......Enjoy every minute....its just the start of great things !........Good Luck with WillowBank Alpacas..................Enjoy the Champagne ....Jayne

  4. Thanks for the call earlier, well done you guys. I have read the Inspectors Decision. What a well balanced report, looks like the truth came through. You two are dedicated to your business, you deserve that success. Well done to both of you from Les and myself.



  5. Fantastic news, well done. Enjoy the celebrations before the next bit of hard work; building!

  6. HOW EXCITING, I dont write very often, but love to watch everybodies blogs and keep up with what is happening with everybodies alpacas. CONGRATULATIONS on getting your planning and following your dream, it takes very special people to follow there hearts, and not give up when the going getS tough, we have got our planning, but its been a quite a rollercoaster. But you can look forward and live that dream - well done, so pleased for you.


  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words. It's not sunk in yet but we are so excited.

    Karl & Lisa

  8. Just caught up with your wonderful news - hope the heads weren't too sore this morning, celebrations were well justified!! An exciting future ahead.

  9. Just noticed your most-welcomed announcement. After so many agonising months of waiting, this news is just the ticket!! Congratulations to you both.

  10. Hey knob. Congratulations sorry I don't check the blog too much what a bad brother I am