Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Another Arrival.....

Hi Guys,

Well a week has passed by already since our first cria of 2011 was born and yesterday morning again at around 06.30 saw our second cria be born. "Wellground Killawasi's Keepsake" has worked his magic again, another boy though which is a shame, but nevertheless a healthy cria is important to us.

Here he is below enjoying the sunshine throughout the day, with our first cria introducing himself to the new kid on the block.

It has been such a fantastic couple of days with the weather, feeling the sun on your back helps lift your spirits and makes you realise that spring is just around the corner. Seeing the new cria in the paddock brings back memories of last years cria's and the joy that came with it.

We have some very busy times ahead of us this year with various adventures we have on the go, some interesting projects that will hopefully get people talking and show a different diversified side of alpaca breeding, all very cryptic but very interesting, more on this later.

Just a couple more pictures of the new cria's enjoying the sunshine. It's the turn of our Ryeland Sheep next to give birth to our lambs, so a little break from cria being born then it's back to the alpacas, although knowing alpacas they will more than likely surprise us with some early birth just to try and catch us out.
Well that's all for now, back soon.


  1. What a beautiful new arrival !! He is very handsome ..... What a lovely set of photos....those babies are enjoying the sunshine, looks like you are on a roll now for your Spring time babies ...............Jayne

  2. He looks lovely, what a great head... and great photos...has your first little fellow got a name yet?...I can't believe how he has grown!

  3. How gorgeous.....both of them! The pics show them off so beautifully. And what a difference a week makes in the growth of cria :-) the fawn boy looks huge in comparison x

  4. The boys are looking good, it's so nice to see cria out in the sunshine enjoying life.