Sunday, 6 June 2010

New Best Friends

Hi Folks,
Well again its been awhile since my last blog. We are still fencing when we get chance to and things are really taking shape now. We have had to separate our male from the ladies as he is starting to get a little fruity with them, so until his new paddock was ready we put him in with the pony and her new foal, this was done under a controlled manner to ensure no harm came to any animal if they didn't agree with each other, well believe it or not hence the title we have two new best friends......
Gieves and his new best friend Flicker the foul.
These two are right characters, its so nice to see two totally different breed of animals getting on so well with each other.
Yesterday we visited Rob & Les at Wellground Alpaca stud to top up our knowledge on husbandry skills, we left Lisa's dad to look after things on the farm, he is just as keen on the alpacas as we are so we knew they would be in safe hands. Rob & Les greeted us with coffee on the decking overlooking the alpacas and a quick look at our fleeces we took down. fantastic sandwiches which I could just not stop eating, then it was down to taking notes and lessons from Rob & Les, thanks guys.
We have had all the alpacas shorn now which with the weather being so warm its must be such a relief for them, we have now moved all our pregnant girls into our birth paddock next to the caravan with our first to give birth at the beginning of July but knowing alpacas you can never tell when it will be.
Well that's all for now, take care all.


  1. What a lovely photo...nice to see them getting along so well. Good luck with the births.

  2. Lovely to see...the new Best Friends....!!...Jayne