Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Try And Keep Up If You Can

Hi All,

Well the alarm went off at 05.30 this morning, to a start of a hectic day. Lily was not impressed and as Lisa went to get her up, she insisted on pulling the duvet covers back over her head. After a little persuasion Lily got up in a fantastic mood surprising for the time of morning as our Lily does like to sleep in.

It was then off down to the farm to load up the sheep and take them to market, it is sad knowing what the future is for the sheep but its what keeps the food chain going, plus we need to get ourselves cleaned down and ready for our Alpaca business. We had some really good luck with the sheep, as ours fetched top money today which took us by surprise as we had left it a little late taking them to market and they weighed a little more than the ideal weight.

It was now 12.30 and its time to head home with an empty trailer, as we had already washed the trailer down at the market it was a quick unhook of the trailer down on the farm, drop off Lisa and Lily at home so Lisa could put Lily to bed for her afternoon nap, bless her Lily had already fell asleep halfway through eating a cookie.

I then had 20 minutes to get to my opticians appointment for 14.00, why can't you find a parking space when you need one!! I get to opticians dead on 14.00 and have to wait half an hour for a ten minute check up, its then back in the car and head home.

15.00 and I'm back home, "don't take your shoes off" I here Lisa say as she comes down stairs with Lily, its back in the car and we are off into town to the bank, bearing in mind we have a solicitors appointment at 16.00 we enter the bank at around 15.30 Lisa puts the bank card into the machines inside the bank so that we can transfer some money, presses the finished button and guess what....the bl##dy machine wont give us the bank card back, a quick chat with a member of staff and the front of the machine is open, hands are inside and hay presto our card is back. A quick look at the time 15.55 luckily the solicitors is over the road from the bank.

16.00 straight in to see our solicitor and we sign our contracts for our house sale, at least we are now ready for when that time comes. We leave the solicitors and its a mad dash home to pick up our other car that has to be at the repair garage for 17.00 I hope your all keeping up!! believe it or not we get the other car to the garage on time, we head home and finally shut the door for the last time tonight at around 17.15

Lily has gone to bed early and myself and Lisa are just relaxing with a nice cup of coffee. As for Alpacas they are always on our minds and are desperate to get started with the setup of our farm.

That's all for today.

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