Monday, 22 July 2013

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!!

Everybody here is feeling the heat including me, I know we should not moan but I'm cooked. 
So glad all the shearing etc is done for this heat wave, I cant imagine what it must be like for animals who still have there fleeces on, like being in a car with the windows up maybe?

Wellground Beyond Compare with her fantastic little cria Willowbank Susan.

 Think baby Susan is tired, cuddled up with mum in the heat, Beyond Compare had a uterine torsion which ended in a c-section, luckily It's a very happy out come with this little girl. Susan is sired by our own Wellground Relentless and I am very much looking forward to seeing her fleece develop, very impressed so far :-)

Willow and Pebbles spending their days sleeping, I think it's hair cut time girls.

Well enough of hiding out of the sun, I'm off with the hose pipe and a bit of alpacas soaking. 

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