Thursday, 20 December 2012

Found The Lead!

Hi All,

Well I found the lead for the camera Lisa had hidden it!! Only joking in fact it was Lisa that found it, in a place that I had already looked how has that happened because I didn't see, I'm sure women hide things to try and confuse us men into thinking we are going mad!

So here are the pictures that should have gone with my last blog. Here is "Willow" the puppy, she is now five weeks old and growing fast.

The follow pictures are of Lisa and Lily with Willow showing Lily's classmates the new puppy followed by the chickens that Donna and Niel dropped off for us a couple of weeks ago also being shown to the class.

I have only one day left at work until finishing for Christmas and can't wait to spend some time back on the farm and with the family.

Well that's it for tonight, the rain is pounding the caravan, the central heating is on and Lisa has just made me a cup of tea.......perfect.

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