Sunday, 29 May 2011


Hi All,

Well those of you that read our blog would have remembered me saying that Alice one of Australian females was holding onto her cria. Alice, who genetics include EP Cambridge Stormcat as her Sire and NWA Ltd Ruffo on her Dams side.

We are pleased to say that after 23 days overdue at 19.00 last night Alice gave birth to a Solid White Female, now this was not the easiest of births as the cria is absolutely massive weighing in at 13kg that's 2 stone!! Lisa had to assist as the cria was understandably stuck, it was a normal presented cria but she still took some pulling even the back end wouldn't come out on it's own.

These are not the best of pictures as they were taken in our birthing quarters under the heat lamps. The cria's Sire is Wellground Legend of Spartacus a Scottish National Fleece Show Supreme Champion. So putting those genetics in the mix with EP Cambridge Stormcat and NWA Ltd Ruffo we are keen to see how this cria will develop.

Alice and daughter are doing really well and the cria is now running rings around Alice in the birthing quarters. We have decided to keep them both in today as the weather here is not the good and we would rather keep them in.

Well that's all for this morning, the barn still awaits for attention.


  1. OMG what a whopper, there must be something in the water this year that even beats Kate's baby.

    I will tell Legend he has another daughter, she sounds like his daughter we had born a couple of weeks ago Ellie May, who is a very big lively girl always looking for mischief!

  2. Congratulations...that really is an OMG!

  3. Thank you for your comments, we still can't believe how big she is.

    She is looking like she is going to have a fantastic fleece, it's so bright without really getting hands on.

    More pictures to come soon.

  4. WOW ! That is huge !
    I bet its lovely to see that baby now on the outside !......and what a whoppa !
    She certainly is a BIG BOUNCING GIRL !
    Congratulations !.......and its great to be back ......Jayne