Sunday, 6 February 2011

It's The Start Of Birthing.

Hi Folks,

Well I just don't know where the time's been two weeks since my last blog but it only feels like yesterday.

I have been backwards and forwards to Brands Hatch over the last two weeks with work, on a Health and Safety course. Lisa has been left to hold the forte and we are now in the start of our birthing schedule. This weekend has been just as manic as we have poo picked all the paddocks, rolled the paddocks, finished off some fencing that we have been putting off and moved our first alpacas due to birth into our birthing paddock in front of the caravan so we can keep an eye on them. If last year was anything to go by, the cria could be born anytime now!!

Some of the last years weanling's in the freshly rolled paddock.
We couldn't resist getting a picture of the weanling's, it seems so long ago since we had the camera out, so as it was a fairly decent day with the weather today apart from the wind we took this shot.
The chicks are growing fast and starting to developing there first feathers, they have right little characters, I will get a picture soon of the chicks and post it on the blog.
We have a couple coming to see us again soon to look at the alpacas, they are looking to purchase a small group, so we will see what that brings.
Well that's all for now, back soon.


  1. Nice photo...and you can see just how nice and cosy those babies are with that lovely thick coat.......wafting in the wind !!.....Jayne

  2. Good luck with the birthing and the sales.

    Rob n Les