Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Mixed Day.

Hi All,

Another busy day soon passes by and it's back to work in the morning. It started with a trip with the trailer to go and fetch some straw from a local farm, we buy the big rectangle bales as it's easier to split rather than the big round bales. So with four big bales in the trailer it was back to the farm to see how Lisa was getting on mucking out.

Lily had got a birthday party today, so no sooner as I was back with the straw, it was time to head off with Lily and Lisa to her friends birthday party. Lisa's mum farm sat for us which was nice as it allowed both of us to see Lily at the party.

The party was being held at a place called Oak Tree Farm, this place is going to be amazing, I say going to be, as they are in the early stages of setting this place up. Lily had a brilliant time playing in the indoor climbing centre and was reluctant to want to come out. once the party was over we decided to have a look around the animals as Lily was given a bag of food to feed them with, which was right up Lily's street. Now I must say that making all the kids wash there hands with anti-bacterial soap was I nice thing to see, these guys are conscious of health and safety and making the kids wash there hands was all done with fun. Well done Oak Tree Farm 10/10 already.

Well its was soon time to get back to our own farm and with a change of foot wear it was back to work. All the alpacas paddocks have been poo picked, it's such a nice feeling knowing that's done and that they will have clean paddocks, well for a short while anyway.

The new blades that I had from America work a treat, the only problem is, that my eyes don't.....well not when trying to use the blade that is the thickness of a pin, it gets a wee bit fiddly. I will show you what I have been doing soon.

Well that's all for now, back soon.

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