Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hot & Cold.......

Hi All,

Well its been a while since my last blog as I have been away for a week at the International Fire Training Centre up north at Tees Side, this was some training for my work as with having an airfield I needed to gain a qualification to be able to operate it properly. This was quite an intense week of training, not only in the classroom but dealing with live fires on the fire ground. I am pleased to say that I passed the exam and I am know a qualified "Low Category Supervisor of Aerodromes" which basically means that I am now in charge of the Fire Crew and know the legal requirement to operate an operational airfield as set by the CAA (civil aviation authority) anyway that's enough of that, your probably not interested anyway!

That's me bending down to the fire at one of the many simulations we did, you can see on the right what would be an engine fire and undercarriage fire, with the props of the plane showing through the flames.

Well Lisa did a fantastic job looking after the farm and all of the gang, Lily was helping too or hindering, depends on how you interpret it. It was nice to get back home and see the family and the alpacas. We awoke this morning to a chilly start but a typical crisp winters day, I couldn't resist getting the camera out to take a couple of pictures of some of the gang in the winter sunshine (I say winter as it certainly reminded me of winter this morning)

Coco was not impressed with the cold weather and thought it might be warmer on his feet, if he stood in the feed trough...... he didn't stop there long as he was soon pushed out the way by the others when the food went down.

Well its back to work in the morning, so that's all for now as I really ought to help Lisa with the animals or else it might be me outside in the barns tonight!

Take care folks.


  1. I spy with my little eye!!! :-)
    It was warmer up here last night, no frost this morning up north.

  2. Congratulations on your recent course !!...I can't believe the frost....its just as well those alpacas have a lovely fleece to hide frost up here...just mud !!...sadly...Jayne