Monday, 13 September 2010

Duckies Grand Day Out......

Hi All,

Well another busy week passes with late finishes from work for me, unfortunately the blog has to go on hold when I'm on lates as I'm so worn out by the time I get home I struggle to string a sentence together let alone type a blog.....

The Alpacas have been enjoying whats left of the summer and enjoying the sunshine we have been having. "WillowBank Prime Contender" is becoming stronger by the day which is encouraging, we cant wait to see what his fleece starts to turn out like.

We have done a couple of spit-offs tonight which were showing good signs of pregnancy, we have hopefully now got all our females pregnant for next year.

Some of the gang enjoying the sunshine
A few weeks ago I blogged that Lily had placed a couple of duck eggs under our chicken that was happy to sit on them......well Lily had been checking the chicken every day without fail asking about her duck eggs and what was going to happen.....well we have a success.......

This is Lily's duck that she has name herself..........please meet "Ducky"
Lily is so excited about her duck that she wakes in the morning and the first thing she says is "Can I see Ducky" Lisa even had to take it in to Lily's play school as her teachers said that its all she talks about.......
Well that's all for tonight, more soon.


  1. He is very cute, although having heard 'Ducky' this afternoon it's a good job you don't have sound with those photo's!

  2. He..He...what a lovely..little 'Ducky' do realise....that..'Ducky'..will be in the bedroom...!!...under the duvet !!..Quack Quack !!....;-)..Jayne

  3. Im sure if Lily thought she could get away with it, the duck would be dressed in clothes too.....