Friday, 22 January 2010

A Day For Thank You's

Its a big thank you to Wellground Alpaca Stud, for helping us to be able to purchase our first Elite Alpacas. The three girls we have chosen are an absolute credit to Rob & Les and there commitment to breeding Quality Elite Alpacas with fantastic pedigrees, thank you guys.

We have had such a hard decision over the last few days as stated in yesterdays blog, unfortunately our goal posts got moved slightly which left us in a pickle with buying the amount of Alpacas we required with the budget available, we must mention Pipley Court Alpacas as they also came to our rescue knowing our situation aloud us to purchase another three girls within our budget, thank you also.

This now leads us on to Easter-Wood Alpaca Stud, who through out all of this have always been behind us, and believed in us. We are now looking forwards to going to Jeff & Sheila a week on Saturday, to finally agree and purchase our final six female Alpacas. Jeff & Sheila have a fantastic attitude towards the progress of Alpaca Breeding, and with having Cambridge Ice Cool Lad as there stud they will be breeding excellent genetics into there girls. So again guys we thank you for your help in setting up our foundation herd, we can't wait to come down and see you, and Gemma of course next week. Thank you both.

Well before you send the Oscar in the post, lets get back to the farm. How much more rain can we have, for the first time in a very very long time, we have had a little bit of flood, nothing to major but enough to make me curse! its only the fact that the council have not cleared the road side ditches, consequently the rain water that runs down the road, runs straight into our farm.......another phone call I feel.

Well that's it for today, more soon.


  1. We are so pleased that you have now entered the wonderful world of alpaca breeding and have to say that you have made a wonderful start, particularly with the elites from Wellground. Well done to the both of you (not forgetting Lily) and we look forward to seeing you next week.

  2. Good luck with your alpaca breeding venture guys, you'll do just great. You'll see.

    Rob n Les

  3. Thank you to all involved, you have all been a massive support to us and we hope to return the compliment somehow along the way.